Venezuela is living one of the most profound Humanitarian crisis in the last two centuries. The Venezuelan authorities have denied the existence of such, therefore it has not expressed or implemented effective policies to alleviate the crisis, and the efforts to create a humanitarian bridge to allow international help has been limited.

Due to this reality, a group Venezuelan citizens currently living in Southern California have decided to unite efforts to support Venezuelan profound humanitarian crisis.

Our group goal is to create awareness about Venezuelan humanitarian crisis and relieve some of the severe shortages of medicines, medical supplies, food and other basic goods. By doing this, we will somehow ease the challenges that many Venezuelans are facing to obtain essential medical care, adequate nutrition or to cover basic needs.

For nearly 25 years, Giving Children Hope, a non-profit organization based in southern California, has served vulnerable children and their families locally and globally. In fact, Giving Children Hope has shipped 4 pallets of medical supplies to Venezuela to aid in the current humanitarian crisis.

Giving Children Hope is committed to shining a light on the plight of the Venezuelan people, their suffering, and the very real need for your help. Giving Children Hope has the ability and expertise necessary to send much needed food and medical supplies to Venezuela, but we need funds to send the supplies. For each 40’ shipping container, the cost is $10,000. Our goal is to send at least two (2) containers, of course, the more funds we raise, the more vital relief and hope we will send to Venezuela!

Our goal will be achieved by partnering with local donors, the SoCal Non-Profit Organization Giving Children Hope and these Venezuelan-Non-Profits located in Florida to unite efforts, "Programa de Ayuda Humanitario para Venezuela" (Humanitarian relief for Venezuela program), "Venezolanos en Kendall" (Venezuelans in Kendall) and "Comparte por una Vida" (Share for a Life).

We've also heard the rumors about help not getting to the hands of the ones in need, please let us reassure you that we have taken the necessary steps and care in working with organizations that have proven themselves to be trustworthy thus making sure the donations get safely to Venezuelans.

Venezuela (GCH Donation #2)

Previous donations sent to Venezuela by GCH.

Venezuela (GCH Donation)

Previous donations sent to Venezuela by GCH.

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Previous donations sent to Venezuela by GCH.

Previous donations sent to Venezuela by GCH.

Previous donations sent to Venezuela by GCH.


To raise awareness for this effort Giving Children Hope is requesting Venezuelans and anyone that is willing to help us, to help in these areas:

1. Donate.

No amount is too little or too much. Any amount helps.

Go to givingchildrenhope.org/venezuela

2. Let us know if you have a possible sponsor/donor in mind

and Giving Children Hope will send a formal invitation to join the campaign or they will personally call or visit them to explain the campaign to the interested parties.

3. Share the info about the campaign

with any company, church, organization, supermarket, small business, individuals, etc. They can also donate directly to Giving Children Hope: givingchildrenhope.org/venezuela

4. Join our Social Media Campaign for Venezuela throughout the month of June

By urging others to share their stories or by publicly encourage other to contribute to Giving Children Hope's plan to send at least two shipping containers complete with vital supplies for the Venezuelan people. The more money we can raise, the more supplies we can send.

5. Lend your voice, make a difference. Lend your voice for Venezuela via social media channels.

You are encourage to tweet and retweet to all those celebrities and personalities that have a wider reach and can help us with this campaign. We welcome your ideas.

6. Pray for Venezuela, because our positive energy and prayers will also strength them to continue their journey.

Let us know how you can help us make this a successful campaign. For more info contact us at help@allforvenezuela.com

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Venezuela is on the brink

It was once the richest country in Latin America. Now it’s falling apart.
By Ioan Grillo / Caracas